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John our "Warrior" does the "Hell Runner" Course, for FUN!!!

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Published by John Lavender in Thoughts of a Volunteer · 17 October 2018
Last Weekend at Delamere Forest Park in Central Cheshire.  John our "Warrior" took part in the "Hell Runner Valhalla Trail Run".  Which was over a course of "natural obstacles" (and through a lot of mud), for a distance of 6.66 miles, The full race was a half marathon (13.2 miles).

It was the first time that our "Warrior" had done this event so he just did the 6.6 miles course, his running buddy, Lorraine Smith, went on to do the full 13.2 miles, finishing in just over 4 hours.

John the "Warrior" chose his "Running Kit" based on the Weather (warm and damp) and course conditions and the Kit worked brilliantly (as you can see from the photos).

The course it's self was well laid down and signed, with a good number of Marshalls, It included many hills, and a good deal of water, some quite deep and not clear (I'm  sure this is the part of the run he likes best).

John managed to complete the course in just over 1 hour 32 minutes, finding it to be an extremely good and interesting run, with lots of great help and support from the other runners.

The event Tee Shirt and Medal were fantastic as well, just rewards for our own "Warrior"

Well done John, we now look forward to your next adventure.

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