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Published by Denise Bennett in Library News · 21 October 2019

We have recently, as an organisation, signed up to Amazon Smile. When you assign us as your charity, and buy eligible items on Amazon Smile, Whickham Volunteer Library Association will get back 0.5% of what you spend (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees).

How it Works
It’s the same Amazon, but instead of going to Amazon UK in the usual way, you access Amazon via using the link below.

The first time you do this, you will see a welcome screen which tells you that your shopping will support Whickham Volunteer Library Association, and there will be a ‘Start Shopping’ button.
It is as simple as that. It  will work immediately if you use this link.  Or if you prefer you can go to and find us via their ‘select a charity’ option – use our full name, and we’ll be there.
Please remember to bookmark it as your Amazon link.

Thank you

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